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Grant D. Fairley

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“Positively Memorable”


  • Small Group Seminars

  • Business Seminars

  • Customer Service Training Seminars

  • Leadership Seminars

  • Team Building Seminars

  • Relationships Seminars

Grant Fairley is a keynote speaker, group facilitator, seminar and workshop leader and featured speaker at retreats for business, government and the community.

We all benefit from some additional motivation, information and working more effectively as a team.  At McK the motivation comes through information, illustration and humor. This combination makes the moments meaningful and entertaining for your group or corporation.

Here’s just a sample of our topics that can be a speech, seminar or workshop – depending on the format of your event.

Most of our speakers have been presenting to audiences for 10 – 25 years.  We’re effective because we enjoy being with people.  That’s also why we’re fun as well as informative!

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